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VIPRefills.com is a unique website designed for the independent pharmacy. We make it easy for you to accept prescription refill requests over the internet.

If you are a Pharmacy interested joining our service, click on the Request More Info button for more information.

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“The VIPRefills.com Service has helped control the number of calls we get every day from our customers. We receive orders at all times of the day.”

“To help promote the site, we staple a flyer to the bag and advertise the service on our 'Message On Hold' service.”

Maxson's Drugs
Ellis Herz
Sherman Oaks, CA

“VIPRefills.com is a great way to economically allow our customers to place orders over the web. We don't have to worry about it, the service just works. The service gives us a professional touch also.”

“The service also helps free up my employees' time and allows them to do other tasks.”

Economy Drugs
Dan Butts
Hendersonville, NC

“VIPRefills has given our customers additional access to our store via the web. It's an easy way for them to request prescription refills and other items. They can even request our delivery service.”

“We have several orders waiting on our fax machine everyday. It keeps our customers from having to hold on the telephone.”

“Customers are also able to tell us when they would like to pick up their prescriptions.”

Fred's Pharmacy
Cole Sandlin
Hamilton, AL